• Age13
    • BirthdayDecember 1st
    • Height165cm
    • Weight53kg
    • Blood TypeType B
    • BirthplaceJapan
    • Training PlaceGreek Sanctuary
    Damager. His Awaken Skill “Pegasus Suisei Ken” is devastating.

    Seiya embarked on his journey to search for his lost sister, and then took on the duty to protect Athena after becoming a combat veteran.
    Controller. Excels at controlling enemies with ice.

    He's been protecting his mother after becoming a Saint. He joined the Galactic War out of competitiveness, and forged strong bonds with Seiya.
    Physical Defense Character. Blows back enemies with the power of the Dragon.

    Obtained the Dragon Cloth in Wulaofeng, China. Has strong fists and a shield.
    Supporter. Increases Defense for all teammates with chains.

    Ikki's brother who obtained his Cloth after vigorous training on Andromeda Island.
    Controller. He is resurrected after death like the Phoenix.

    Shun's brother. He was trained on Death Queen Island.
    Damager. He is able to reflect Damage after enabling the Eyes of God.
    He is the successor to the Solo family, and started butchering the innocents when he learned he is the reincarnation of Poseidon, the God of the Ocean, in an attempt to purge the world.
    Healer. She protects and Heals allies with the Holy Light.
    The avatar of the Goddess Athena that only appears once every few centuries. She was the target of assassination not long after birth, but she was saved by Aiolos and entrusted to Mitsumasa Kido. After realizing she truly is Athena, she took it upon herself to protect the world.
    Area Damager. The most powerful front row Physical Damager.

    He adores his physical body that has existed since the era of legends, which yet slumbers in Elysion.
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